Our Team

Dave Prindiville

Dave Prindiville

Owner/General Manager

Dave was one of the first employees hired by Hopfauf Custom Builders, and his evolving roles in the business over the past 30 plus years contributed to the smooth transition to ownership. His knowledge and enthusiasm for every aspect of the business shows throughout the process. His thinking is logical and analytical, and also creative and visionary, enabling him to see both the details and the big picture. His quick sense of humor and easy smile contribute to his unique and inspiring leadership style.

“Every person working here has chosen this as their career. The quality of our work is reflected in every job, whether a large custom home or small remodel, because of the talented team that takes pride in the finished product.” – Dave

Likes: Ice fishing, basketball, volleyball, yard work, golfing, chocolate, spending time with my family

Dislikes: Liver and musicals

Mike Hopfauf

Mike Hopfauf


When Mike believes in something, you know it. He tried a few different occupations before entering construction. That’s where he shines. As a master carpenter, he knows what he’s talking about. He loves being a part of creating a home that’s never been built before and his utmost concern is keeping the clients happy.

“We are a true custom builder, and have never built the same home twice. At Hopfauf Custom Builders, we like doing different, new things and thinking and building out-of-the-box. I am thankful and honored when someone has chosen us as their builder and has given us an opportunity to build for them a home for life – one that is better than imagined.” – Mike

Likes: My wife, hanging out with my grandkids, a 6 pound walleye on the end of my line, riding my motorcycle, hunting behind my Labrador retrievers in the fall, rock-n-roll albums, rare steak hot off the grill.

Dislikes: Being late, people who are undependable.

Fun/Interesting Fact: Mike is a great cook and is very creative in the kitchen. He makes a mango salsa that is to die for and often spends time combing through cookbooks for the next great recipe to try.

Jamison Hill

Jamison Hill


Jamison brought with him 18 years of building experience when he joined the Hopfauf Custom Builder team in 2014. He had his own remodeling company, so he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in every facet of the business. He can frame, set tile, install flooring, tape and texture, pour concrete and more. He is more valuable in the management team because he has been there and done that, and understands how things go together.

“Not only do we build beautiful custom homes, but we do great remodels and additions as well” – Jamison

Likes: The lake cabin! Time with my dog and family, steak, Red Bull

Dislikes: Windy days, messy job sites, coconut

Fun/Interesting Fact: Jamison was so intrigued by orthopedic surgery; he got a degree as a surgical tech to check it out. He handled the same types of tools as in the building trades: hammers, cordless drills, saws.

Dave Schauer

Dave Schauer

Project Manager

With over ten years of construction experience, along with a Bachelors of Science degree in Construction Management, Dave has a great background to back up his easy personality and friendly smile. He has a way of winning over even the most demanding clients and keeping them happy no matter what. Dave has a great rapport with the trade contractors as well, which goes a long way to keep the projects on track.

Hopfauf Custom Builders has a lead framer that has been with us 15 years and a lead finish carpenter 24 years. That says a lot about the loyalty in this company.” – Dave

Likes: Hunting, fishing, pasta, prime rib

Dislikes: Any vehicle with a loud exhaust, ill-mannered dogs, onions and peppers

Fun/Interesting Fact: Dave has traveled to 48 of the 50 United States of America. His dad drove trucks, so Dave would travel with him during school breaks and in the summer. His favorite sport of hunting has taken him to Alaska and a few other states since then. He only has Maine and Hawaii left to visit to reach his goal of all 50 states.

Rick Kramlich

Rick Kramlich

Project Manager

Rick came to Hopfauf Custom Builders with over 10 years of construction experience and a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering Technology and Construction.  He was in the US Army and National Guard for 20 years, and honorably served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Though he is a retired Army Officer, he is far less regimented than one would expect; quick to crack a joke and lighten the mood. Rick lives by the motto “Leave it better than you found it”.

Likes:  Hunting, fishing, golfing, cooking, and spending time with family.

Dislikes:  Dirty dishes, dishonesty, liver

Fun/Interesting Fact:  Rick comes from a family of eight children.

Linda Brew

Linda Brew


With a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting, and over 20 years of experience, Linda brings a wealth of background and knowledge to her position. She keeps the books in check and takes care of the many facets of HR and payroll.

“What makes Hopfauf Custom Builders such a great company is the people. They are caring and committed and have such a passion for building excellence.” – Linda

Likes: Family, friends, grandkids, travel, coffee, books, wine, outdoor activities

Dislikes: Lutefisk, negativity, arrogant people

Fun/Interesting Fact: Linda had her family when she was young and went back to get her undergraduate degree as an older than average student. She and her youngest son got their school shots at the same time. He went to kindergarten and she went to college.

Lila Zander

Lila Zander

Administrative Assistant

Lila’s sunny personality and friendly voice make you feel welcome when you call or stop by the office. She is at center of the communication hub, keeping everyone connected and informed. Lila is a jack of all trades, doing a multitude of tasks to help the flow of bids out, checks in, bills paid and the office organized and running smoothly.

“You get what you pay for: A job well done, from start to finish. We aim to please the clients, and when their job is done, they are happy. The details they dreamed came to reality.” – Lila

Likes: Family time, grand kids hugs and kisses, camping, dancing, scent of horses and dogs  

Dislikes: Don’t say it if you don’t plan on doing it, people who send viruses through Face Book and emails – they should get a real job!

Fun/Interesting Fact: Lila is a 6 year Breast Cancer Survivor.

Gary Schweigert

Gary Schweigert

Lead Finish Carpenter

Gary was an experienced carpenter before his time with Hopfauf Custom Builders and has been with the company for over 24 years. He puts on the finishing touch. He and his team are the final carpenters on the project and when they install a railing or trim a window, their fine carpentry work fulfills our motto: Craftsmanship is our Standard. No call backs on a job done by this guy. He does it right the first time.

“We do good work, we are friendly and we have lots of experience” – Gary

Likes: Fishing, working in the yard, going to Minneapolis to visit family

Dislikes: Picking rocks, big messes, rude people

Fun/Interesting Fact: Gary knows how to run a custom combine. He traveled with his Dad to many surrounding states doing custom harvesting of crops like winter wheat and oats.

Brian Steffl

Brian Steffl

Lead Framing Carpenter

Brian gives life to the design plans. He leads a team of carpenters to transform a drawing into a real life structure. He gives form to the project and makes sure it is sturdy and strong, plumb and square. And then adds all of the details like a barrel ceiling or custom arch that give it personality.

“At Hopfauf Custom Builders, we make sure the customer is satisfied with the end product. And it’s a great place to work because everyone gets along with each other.” – Brian

Likes: Softball, golf, fishing, hunting

Dislikes: That sometimes materials aren’t there on time. Anything electronic.

Fun/Interesting Fact: Brian learned how to make sweet white buns from his mother. And are they good! He makes big batches during the holidays and gives them out as gifts.